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Make it hassle-free with SMART MOVE, the one-stop app that updates your contact information with your nominated service providers.

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Changing your address and contact details with multiple service providers brings out a cold sweat in all of us. But it doesn't have to.

We built SMART MOVE to help people who move house, to quickly notify all their service providers with the click of a few buttons. That tedious, time-consuming and downright frustrating task we all hated - is now a quick process that you can action with your smartphone … on your way to work. In the train, bus or ferry - in fact, you can now SMART MOVE it from anywhere in the world.

Save Time When You Move

We get it - your time is precious. Updating 10, 20 maybe 40 service providers with your new contact details & address the old way takes hours/days of your time. This is time you could better utilise elsewhere.
The old way was - look each provider up, get their details and then notify each one separately. What a massive pain that is/was! But now with SMART MOVE on your side you can save that time and use it however you want!

Have Your Mail Follow You To Your New Address

Did you know that in this busy world we live in, 97% of incoming tenants don't forward the previous occupant's mail? It goes straight into the trash. Don't depend on others to get your mail to you. Take control & make it happen with SMART MOVE!

Save Yourself From Penalties

Missed traffic or parking infringements and non-payment of fines can mean automatic cancellation of your driver’s license or cancellation of vehicle registration. If you get caught driving in these circumstances the fines are onerous. Do you think the authorities care?
Likewise, your credit card and mobile phone – miss a few of those payments because you didn't get the bill, and you could get a 'black mark' on your Credit File that lasts up to 5 years which will negatively impact your chances of being approved for further finance. Do you think they care why it happened?
Most people don’t know that if you fail to notify certain public authorities of your new address & contact details you can be fined or have demerit points applied to your driver's license. Be smart, get SMART MOVE!

Welcome each new client with a special offer tailored just for them*

As a SMART MOVE ‘local partner’you'll get the inside scoop when your existing clients or customers aremoving house! Not only will you have their up-to-date contact details faster than ever before, you'll also have the ability to communicate a personal message - or special offer - directly to your customer through our innovative App.

Welcome To The Neighbourhood!

How will your customer or client feel and react when you communicate a personal ‘warm welcome message’ or unique offer to them when they move house? Now you can take your relationship with your clients to an entirely new level.
With SMART MOVE on your side you can create uniquely tailored messages for your customers, delivering those messages on demand & at the appropriate time via their smartphone.

Live-track Incoming  & Outgoing Tenants

People move around all the time, especially tenants. There are around five million tenants in Australia and most of these peoplemove house every 6, 12 or 18 months. Many of them are your existing clients or customers.
Home owners buy & sell too! Thankfully not as often, however they do so due to so many daily ‘life events’ - such as upsizing, downsizing, extra kids, kids finally moved out, parents or in-laws coming, marriage, divorce and death. These life events dictate whether people move house. Or not. Knowing where your customer has moved to - and obtaining their up-to-date contact details - is one of the most difficult, but most rewarding, things you can do for your business.
SMART MOVE's innovative technology helps you take care of business - and get that extra edge over your competitors.

Organise Local Campaigns

You know the drill- keeping your existing clients & customers ‘close and happy’ is far more cost effective & significantly more successful than finding new ones.
With SMART MOVE you can organise truly local marketing campaigns for all your existing clients or customers - or just a select niche.
There’s ONE BIG CAVEAT on that premise though! None of this is possible unless you have the ability to quickly & efficiently make contact & communicate with them.
Personalised, 1:1 marketing just got a whole lot smarter. Make your next marketing move, a SMART MOVE.

Really ‘be there’ for your clients & customers during a very stressful time

SMART MOVE is being created for people who move house. It’s a ‘one-stop-digital-solution’ to facilitate a quick, easy update of their address & contact details with each of their nominated service providers.
Never again will SMART MOVE Users have to endure the tedious, frustrating and time-consuming experience of having to contact each and every service provider manually, one-by-one.

As one of our Flagship Service Providers - your company will benefit significantly from a ‘partnership’ with our smart phone application and show that you CARE for your customers during one of life’s most stressful events. Having your company or government agency permanently pre-selected, means your client can’t forget to update their new address and contact details with you – consider it‘job done’ - instantly and without fuss.

Don't Lose Track Of Your Customers; It’s Too Easy For Them To Forget You

Let’s face it – people are only your client for a fleeting moment. The rest of the time they’re ordinary people doing an extraordinary job just getting through life’s million and one challenges. The challenge for your clients to update their contact & address details ‘the old manual, painful way’ with your company and 10, 20, 30 or possibly 40 other service providers takes hours & hours of their time. It takes up plenty of your staff’s time too!
Clients have told us it’s time they’d prefer to invest elsewhere. We’re pretty sure you’d rather have your staff doing something else too?
With SMART MOVE on your side you can cut your operating costs substantially – savings that can go straight to your bottom line!

You’ll Be In Control Of Their Updates

In this crazy busy world that we now live in, 97% of new tenants don't forward the previous occupant's mail? Instead, your Invoice, Bill or Account goes straight into the trash.
As a Flagship Service Provider, you won't have to depend on others to get your mail to your client. Take control - make it happen with SMART MOVE!

Improved Customer Satisfaction

You may not know it, but your clients are talking about your company. But it’s not what you might expect them to be saying. They’re saying that something that’s happening to them simply isn’t fair!
If your client misses a few payments on their credit card or mobile phone account because they moved house & didn’t receive your Bill, do you think that’s fair? Whether it is or not – your clients don’t think it is.
You’re a public authority and your customer fails to advise you of their new address & contact details, so you fine them. Is that really fair? Ordinary people doing extraordinary things just to get by - can be fined, have demerit points applied to their driver's license, or their license or motor vehicle registration cancelled. Is that really fair?
By forgetting to notify their new contact details, your clients often get a 'black mark' on their Credit File that could stop them obtaining finance for up to five years. Is that fair?
Does that show your client that you care about them? As a Flagship Service Provider however, by being pre-selected within the App you can eliminate this common issue for your clients.
Be smart, partner-up with SMART MOVE!

How it works

Once your clients download SMART MOVE, they can select the service providers of their choice from our extensive database and via our secure encrypted software, automatically update you with their current contact details.

With literally millions of companies & government agencies across Australia - if a service provider isn’t listed, no

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